Even though we are not a commercial operation, we welcome pilots from abroad who'd like to come visit and fly with us.

The Vitacura Gliding Club is soaring paradise:

  • Our club is in the middle of the chilean capital, Santiago, at less than 10 minutes from malls, hotels, restaurants, etc. and at less than 10 km from the Andes Mountains.
  • We have all the facilities and accomodations for our guest pilots: 5 tow planes, covered parking places (no rain anyway...), excelent club restaurant, repair facilities, etc. and plenty of friendly chileans...
  • In our gliding season we have no rain from october to march, and fly seven days a week.
  • With a 500 m aero tow we make 500+ km distances on the Andes on a regular basis, almost every weekend.
  • We make 120+ averages speeds and frecuently find thermals over 4 m/s.
  • We fly at 2000+ to 3000 m AGL average and climb to 7000+ AMSL near the Aconcagua Mountain, at less than an hour flight from our club.
  • We have plenty of airfields so if you want you can ask for a Tow Plane Rescue and go for the beer at the club before sunset.


You can fly in our Janus two seat gliders in the company of one of our many experienced instructors. All you have to bring with you is warm, layered outdoor clothing (it gets cold at 21.000 feet), a hat, sunglasses and sun protection cream... and some cash to pay for the flight.

The clubhouse welcomes you and your companions to a delicious meal and a refreshing beer after the flight.

We operate 7 days a week and traditionaly meet at 20:00 every monday for dinner.

Please feel free to contact us at club@planeadores.cl or call +56 2 2184135 during office hours. Here you can  find our CLUB'S LOCATION.

You can read more about our club in this PUBLICATIONS LINK.

You can watch pictures about us in our FLICKR PICTURES and our PICASSA PICTURES.

You can warch videos about us in our VIMEO VIDEOS and our YOUTUBE VIDEOS.